Social Responsibility

Paglione Estate Winery’s social responsibility is demonstrated through three focus areas: promoting responsible consumption, respect for the environment, and community involvement.
Responsible Consumption
All Paglione Estate Winery employees involved in the promotion of our wines are certified in the responsible liquor service training program, and all advertising initiatives include responsible consumption messaging.
Respect for the Environment
Our livelihood depends on Ontario’s natural resources: clean water, fertile farmland, and sources of energy to manufacture the wines. As a result the approach to environmental responsibility includes both the direct and indirect impacts of our business activities. An ongoing environmental management program provides direction for the continuous evolution of environmental initiatives.
Community Involvement
The Winery’s commitment to local communities begins with our employees. We listen to what they are passionate about and support their efforts to further our focus on local food, wine and tourism, arts and culture, charitable efforts, sponsorships and other forms of support to worthy causes.