Our Team

Robin Sheikh, General Manager & Owner
Seasoned hotelier, operations master, tank sitter, house photographer, baseball aficionado, and recently penned “zen and the art of taking over a winery”
Brett Amort, Head Chef
Our culinary secret weapon, gelato artisan, chief perfectionist, hockey lover,  and captain of our playoff team
Sandra Paglione, Owner
World-traveller, hospitality and tourism guru, unpretentious oenophile, gorilla marketer and the brains that birthed the branding
Mike Beetham, Owner
Assistant winemaker, vine tamer, wine case stasher, speed builder, football fanatic, The Voice of Reason, and above all World’s Greatest Son-In-Law
Becki Beetham, Owner
Wine vixen, natural PR maven, mother hen, volleyball pro, The Hostest with the Mostest, Mrs. Voice of Reason, and most definitely the keeper of sanity
Nancy Paglione, Mom
Behind every great family… new retiree, chief decorator, craft queen, patient mom, and all around nice lady