The Family

Meet our Fearless Founder – Santino (aka Sam) Paglione
A stone and masonry artist, developer, entrepreneur, musician, entertainer, comedian, grape grower, bottle washer, and all around fun guy, Sam Paglione has been making wine almost his entire life (40 years to be precise).
Dad's fav pic with the grapes
He was born in Italy, in the Apennine Mountain town of Capracotta, approximately 1800 meters above sea level, just east of Rome. When he was 10 years old, his family left Italy, and moved to Canada, where they settled in Leamington, Ontario.
Driven by sheer determination and unfailing optimism, Sam’s first entrepreneurial pursuit was in 1970 at 24 years of age, when he built a variety store and small take-out restaurant called the Frosty Treat at the marina in Kingsville, Ontario. Sam’s wife then ran the store and restaurant, taking care of their 2 children, while he moved on to his next venture – getting his construction company off the ground; later known as Santal Homes Ltd.
Santal Homes may not be as well known as Sam Paglione himself, but anyone travelling through Essex County has been exposed to his old world, quality workmanship, which includes some of the most architecturally significant buildings in the region, such as the Pelee Island Winery, Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery, the refurbished King’s Hotel, and most recently Paglione Estate Winery.
Since he was a little boy in Italy, Sam always dreamed of owning a winery. In June 2013, that dream became a reality and Paglione Estate Winery opened its doors to the public. Nestled on the crest of a hill, the Winery – an old-world, Tuscan-style masterpiece, complete with clay tile roof, stone façade, and turret – is a work of art; truly symbolic of Sam’s style, and the wine isn’t that bad either.
Taking care of us from above…in loving memory of Santino “Sam” Paglione 1946 to 2015. 
La Famiglia
Nancy Paglione
Behind every great man… Head Chef, chief decorator, Crafts Queen, patient wife, tolerant mother, and all around nice lady.
Sandra Paglione
World-traveller, hospitality and tourism guru, unpretentious oenophile, gorilla marketer and the brains that birthed the branding.
Tim Paglione
Builder, wine bottler, vine tie-er, Percussionist, LEED expert, design guy, and the man behind the blueprints.
Mike Beetham
Assistant Winemaker, Vine Tamer, wine case stasher, speed builder, football fanatic, The Voice of Reason, and above all World’s Greatest Son-In-Law.
Becki Beetham
Wine vixen, natural PR maven, mother hen, volleyball pro, The Hostest with the Mostest, Mrs. Voice of Reason, and most definitely the keeper of sanity.
Rachel Farrer
Tasting bar beauty, point-of-sale wizard, bottle polisher, wine slinger, billiards babe, and consistently Employee of the Year.
Johnny Maksoud
Wood oven whisperer, pizza slinger, the calm amidst the storm, and consistently Mr. Employee of the Year.